A Fit and Healthy, Happy Senior – This Is Who I Am!

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Being a senior doesn’t mean that you have to be passive or stay at home.  There are many seniors who are very much active still, and enjoy spending their time doing different activities or playing sports.  Remember that you can be as independent as your health allows you.  Doing regular exercises will keep you fit and reduce any potential risks of developing a medical condition.  Also with regular exercise you will diminish the effects of various chronic diseases and medical problems which might occur at your age.

Here are some best tips on how you can stay healthy, happy, and active, and enjoy the autumn of your life.

Enjoy yourself!

sq3seniorsNo matter how old or young you are you have to remember to enjoy spending time alone.  Time you spend alone can contribute to your peace.  You can use this time to do something nice for yourself, like give yourself a relaxing bath, have a cup of tea, or do some gardening, reflect on your life.  More active seniors will enjoy riding their bikes or taking a long stroll down the beach, in a park, or next to a river.

Spend Time With Your Family

These are precious moments for all people, but spending time with their families seems to mean much more to seniors than it does to other people.  If you are lucky enough to have children or grandchildren, make sure that you spend time with them and make the most of those moments.  Remember that your children and grandchildren will love to hear your stories, your memories, and the adventures you had had, but also do not forget to ask them about their lives.  Sometimes seniors can get carried away in their stories, even though your family loves you, they still have issues of their own.  If you want to really connect with them, you should ask them about their problems, and things which go on in their lives.  Not only they will be grateful, they will also feel more connected to you.


Spend Time With Other Seniors

Spending time with people your age is important for people of all ages.  If you are a senior, joining a senior club can enrich your life and fill your days with happiness.  In senior clubs you can also often find people of similar interests and backgrounds, and share your life stories with them.  Some seniors may enjoy in playing board games, or simply watching television with their friends.

article-2260100-16DA20EB000005DC-374_634x338Get A Pet

For all the animal lovers, it might be a good idea that you get yourself a pet.  Especially dogs are good companions, and will keep you active, fit, healthy, but they will also make you smile and take you to the new adventures every day.

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